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Markant Hybrid

Markant Hybrid


Hybrid brings the comforts of home to the office and creates the best place to work while being seated, standing or in motion. Changing the physical characteristics and the social experience of the workplace stimulates flexible workers to spend more time in the office, be more productive and hit targets.

In the last few years the way of working has changed immensely.  There is a change of functions in an office, moving more towards Activity Based Working. Tasks are becoming more varied, challenging, mobile and with more deadlines. Collaboration or time spent with colleagues being in different areas and even time zones, is becoming quite common.

Employees need places where they can be undisturbed and able to do individual work or relax. Professionals must have a physical environment that not only supports but also motivates and inspires. Informal working environments within an office stimulate encounters, creativity and the exchange of ideas.


“By applying Hybrid in the right way, you stimulate workers to spend more time at the office, be more productive and reach goals.”

Jan Beltman



  • Comfortable
  • Countless configurations
  • Always a pleasant work posture


Hybrid stimulates contract workers to spend more time at the office and reach goals. Moreover, Hybrid excels with agile working, which divides projects in a series of short and manageable sub-projects. Project teams work together intensively, communicate with each other on a personal level and maintain frequent contact with other stakeholders. At the end of each sub-project, team deliver measurable results and set new priorities.


With Hybrid you will have the possibility to create playful landscapes that can adapt to the requirements of each space, supporting diverse activities that can be reconfigured in the future for new possibilities


The lounge areas come with a rotatable and moveable ‘business class’ tabletop that can be set at any preferred distance from the body, ensuring a pleasant work posture at all times. This way you turn a lounge area into a full-fledged workstation.

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