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Markant - Workways

Markant - Workways


Workways once again demonstrate Markant’s innovation in the world of offices. The new social seating programme features a complete collection of modular elements that offer endless flexibility in functionality and confi guration. Increasing implementation of the New World of Work and the emergence of generation Y into the workplace are creating major changes in the offi ces landscape. Fixed work places at traditional desks in kiosk-based offi ces are having to make way for Open Offi ce set-ups with a variety of furniture for work and discussion purposes. Modern offi ces are characterised by a shift towards activity-related work places instead of job-related work places. By supporting all possible activities and functionalities in 1 representative range of furniture, Markant has made it possible to combine uniformity and versatility: the Workways programme has been specifi cally developed to comply with all needs in modern offi ce environments.

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